The Google+ service is potentially interesting, but is it just Wave all over again?

As I begin to use it, it feels like facebook, which is quite limited.
And it’s nowhere near as useful as Twitter.

No doubt, the guys who design these services
are thinking about what they are trying to achieve.
They are almost certainly thinking about the features of the service;
they are probably thinking about its behaviour;
and they might be thinking about the experience of using it.

But goodness knows whether they are thinking at all about
the communication models which are supported by the service that they end up generating.

It seems to me that if they did, instead of struggling with the details,
they’d be figuring out new ways to enable people
to hold and manage peer-to-peer conversations on the basis of asymmetric relationships,
both at the level of individuals and of groups/lists/circles/huddles/<roll your own>.

A current irony, for me, is that the most interesting conversation I’m having is on facebook with someone with whom I have no connection/friendship/followship/<any other link>.

How is that possible? I have no idea; but we might as well be using email!!

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