Welcome to my world … and my contribution to the content of the word!

My purpose is to share: information, thinking, analysis and experience from the perspective that I know best: mine! Each individual has a unique path of experience in personal and professional terms; so we each have a unique perspective on the experiences that we share.

I feel unable to make any meaningful prediction of the effectiveness of this blog. So I welcome constructive advice about strategies and tactics to enhance it, from writers and readers of blogs.

This is driven by a desire to share, stimulate, and debate the realities of the world on a wide range of topics.

I envisage contributions of a variety of forms, but am unsure of the appropriate breadth of either subject matter and contribution type. What will we see? Historical notes; comments on current events; attempts at analysis of subject areas; opinions … can all these sit together? Coverage of people, family, science, technology, software, aviation, golf … do these belong in the same place?

Time will tell!

You can read more about me here.






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