Welcome, all you Like Minds!

Welcome to Exeter in Devon, all of you who are attending the Like Minds conference this week (Thursday and Friday, October 28 and 29).

The success of the Like Minds conference is a great credit to the organisers, the speakers, the sponsors, the local community and, of course, the participants. With each conference, there has been an increase in its scale, duration, diversity and ambition. Continue reading “Welcome, all you Like Minds!”


Welcome to my world … and my contribution to the content of the word!

My purpose is to share: information, thinking, analysis and experience from the perspective that I know best: mine! Each individual has a unique path of experience in personal and professional terms; so we each have a unique perspective on the experiences that we share.

I feel unable to make any meaningful prediction of the effectiveness of this blog. So I welcome constructive advice about strategies and tactics to enhance it, from writers and readers of blogs.

This is driven by a desire to share, stimulate, and debate the realities of the world on a wide range of topics.

I envisage contributions of a variety of forms, but am unsure of the appropriate breadth of either subject matter and contribution type. What will we see? Historical notes; comments on current events; attempts at analysis of subject areas; opinions … can all these sit together? Coverage of people, family, science, technology, software, aviation, golf … do these belong in the same place?

Time will tell!

You can read more about me here.