Innovation for You

If you are interested in innovation, its role in your organization, and how you can contribute to innovation in your organization, then you are in the right place.

In most organizations, the attention and effort on innovation is increasing as its importance becomes better understood.

Learn what innovation is and how it enhances the effectiveness of your organization.

Innovation for You provides a way of understanding innovation, based on some fundamentals of the subject, and a way to enable and enhance the contribution that you, and everyone in your organization, makes to innovation.


Effective innovation

My purpose is to enable you to contribute to effective innovation in your organization.

Whatever your role, whether or not you are directly involved in innovative initiatives, developments, and projects, you have a contribution to make.

The effectiveness of your contribution depends on a shared understanding of innovation and its role in your organization’s strategy. Continue reading “Purpose”


Strategic innovation

The approach taken by Innovation for You is strategic. You develop an understanding of the nature of innovation, its place in the overall approach taken by an organization to achieving its purpose, and the opportunities for you in your role in your organization to contribute to effective innovation.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” –

Continue reading “Approach”


Learn about strategic innovation

  • reinforce your current understanding of innovation
  • develop your capabilities to manage innovation
  • increase your effectiveness in identifying and realising opportunities
  • establish a basis for further learning about innovation. Continue reading “Products”


John W Lewis

John W Lewis

Helping people and organizations to understand innovation and its value.

John’s approach is to encourage more effective and innovative behaviour by facilitating the development of knowledge and experience. The foundation of his approach is an understanding of why innovation is important, what innovation is, and how, where and when innovation happens. In particular, he identifies the strategic role of innovation in the accurate evaluation of opportunities. Continue reading “About”