Learn about strategic innovation

  • reinforce your current understanding of innovation
  • develop your capabilities to manage innovation
  • increase your effectiveness in identifying and realising opportunities
  • establish a basis for further learning about innovation.

Motivation: “Why innovate?”

A motivational talk of approx. 15 minutes
In this introductory talk, you gain a general overview of innovation from a strategic perspective.
For everyone in your organization.
For any number of people.
Suitable for introductory meetings and for networking and other informal groups.

Information: “Innovation doctrine and strategy”

A seminar of approx. one hour followed by discussion
In this seminar, you gain a substantial overview of innovation principles and terminology, including the fundamentals of adoption and diffusion and their application to the innovation aspects of their strategy.
For people with a need to understand innovation.
For any number of people.
Suitable for internal events or conferences.

Application: “Strategic innovation workshop”

A half-day workshop
In this workshop, you learn and apply how to formulate the aspects of their organization’s strategy which relate to innovation, including both inbound and outbound innovation.
For people involved in developing the innovation aspects of their strategy.
For between 6 and 16 people.
Suitable for groups in the same organization or with the same business context.

To request more information, or to attend or arrange an event,
please contact John W Lewis by email.