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  • How much fun will your three year old child have learning to ride a bike?

    Training wheels don’t work If you have a young child who will learn to ride a bike sometime soon, you probably have recollections of the bike that you learnt on, and the awkwardness of bikes with stabilisers (also known as: training wheels). Recently, I came across this article about training wheels and balance bikes¬†and it…

  • A better Java programming course?

    Questions, questions! What would a better training course be like? In what ways would it differ? For whom would it be better? How would we know that it is better? What would we measure? Better for learners and providers In general, whatever you are learning, all of these questions might be important to you. To…

  • Making light of decision making

    [Great to report: this post has been reproduced by here by GTD Times, the official GTD publication which publishes many insightful articles and provides much information and more on the application of GTD.] As a follower of GTD, I am fortunate to receive many things, including the Productive Living newsletter. This particular edition included some…

  • Things counter-intuitive

    “That makes no sense!” …¬†“How can that possibly work?” … “There is no way that I am trying that! Are these the kinds of comments you have heard from beginners at … well anything that they consider “counter-intuitive”?

  • Controlling the sequence of learning

    A post from Brett McLaughlin on the O’Reilly Radar blog poses questions about the control of the learning sequence.

  • “Training”, “learning” or both?

    Are “training” and “learning” different names for the same activity. No: the difference in meaning is deeper than that. And the difference has important implications for what we do and the value that we place on it.