Category: learning

  • Things counter-intuitive

    “That makes no sense!” … “How can that possibly work?” … “There is no way that I am trying that! Are these the kinds of comments you have heard from beginners at … well anything that they consider “counter-intuitive”?

  • Controlling the sequence of learning

    A post from Brett McLaughlin on the O’Reilly Radar blog poses questions about the control of the learning sequence.

  • Learning sequences

    Over many years, as an instructor of training courses, my recognition of the importance of the sequence in which we learn things has been continually increasing. Every time there is a problem with someone learning something, the starting point is the sequence. As we guide learners through the process of opening the Pandora’s box

  • “Training”, “learning” or both?

    Are “training” and “learning” different names for the same activity. No: the difference in meaning is deeper than that. And the difference has important implications for what we do and the value that we place on it.

  • Being amazed by children … again!

    Being amazed is amazing! Children frequently amaze us. Is it that we underestimate the rate and breadth of their learning? Or is it that they know much more than us and we overestimate the rate at which they forget?! Yesterday, I had the most amazing conversation with my youngest son,