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  • How much fun will your three year old child have learning to ride a bike?

    Training wheels don’t work If you have a young child who will learn to ride a bike sometime soon, you probably have recollections of the bike that you learnt on, and the awkwardness of bikes with stabilisers (also known as: training wheels). Recently, I came across this article about training wheels and balance bikes¬†and it…

  • Things counter-intuitive

    “That makes no sense!” …¬†“How can that possibly work?” … “There is no way that I am trying that! Are these the kinds of comments you have heard from beginners at … well anything that they consider “counter-intuitive”?

  • Being amazed by children … again!

    Being amazed is amazing! Children frequently amaze us. Is it that we underestimate the rate and breadth of their learning? Or is it that they know much more than us and we overestimate the rate at which they forget?! Yesterday, I had the most amazing conversation with my youngest son,