Welcome, all you Like Minds!

Welcome to Exeter in Devon, all of you who are attending the Like Minds conference this week (Thursday and Friday, October 28 and 29).

The success of the Like Minds conference is a great credit to the organisers, the speakers, the sponsors, the local community and, of course, the participants. With each conference, there has been an increase in its scale, duration, diversity and ambition. Continue reading “Welcome, all you Like Minds!”

UK success

… and let’s stop shooting ourselves in the foot!

The attitude that the UK Prime Minister specifies in this recent speech to the UK CBI is exactly what is needed. This is stirring stuff which will motivate the people in the UK who can do something about it. The challenge for the government is to design and implement the attitude.

Both businesses and the government have legacies of behaviour which are inconsistent with this attitude and can hamper its implementation. Continue reading “UK success”