It’s about relationships!

Shift of emphasis

After a long drawn-out build-up, lasting decades, it feels to me that we are finally tipping over into a new era of models for systems. Whether thinking about communities of people, about business processes or about social networks, the shift of emphasis is at last now leaning away from “things” and towards the “relationships” between those things.

It is tempting to say: “It’s about relationships, stupid!” (pace James Carville). Continue reading “It’s about relationships!”

Making light of decision making

[Great to report: this post has been reproduced by here by GTD Times, the official GTD publication which publishes many insightful articles and provides much information and more on the application of GTD.]

As a follower of GTD, I am fortunate to receive many things, including the Productive Living newsletter. This particular edition included some “food for thought” about decision making, which I found extremely nutritious!

Information and accuracy

It brought to mind two things that I have often thought, and perhaps there is a link between them. Continue reading “Making light of decision making”