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Innovation happens
Presentation at Brightidea "Birds of a Feather" EMEA user meeting
Z├╝rich, Switzerland on 19th October 2010.
Innovation happens all around you:
  • in areas that do not affect you
  • and in areas that do affect you.
  • what innovation is
  • how innovation happens
  • when and where innovation happens
and including innovation in your strategy, will enable you to manage your innovation effectively.
Sooner or later, innovation will happen
in an area that affects you.
By gaining a fundamental understanding of how innovation happens, you can define innovative aspects of your strategy as the basis for managing innovation in your organisation.
While every organisation is different and all activities occur within its culture, there are generic characteristics that underlie all innovation behaviour.
Whatever your current level of understanding of innovation, learning these fundamentals strengthens the foundations of your current knowledge and provides you with a basis for learning more.
Opportunities for innovation
Many people and organisations are recognising that innovation can be managed.
Some people and organisations, and a small number of whole industries, have known this for some time. For everyone else, this recognition brings new challenges and opportunities.
In developing an understanding of the nature of innovation and its role in the development of your organisation, one challenge is central to the management of innovation. That challenge is the evaluation of opportunities.
Evaluation underpins the identification, prioritisation and selection of opportunities, as well as the allocation of resources to their development. The criteria for this evaluation are a strategic issue.
Whether you have little knowledge of innovation or are seeking to apply your existing understanding to the innovative aspects of their strategy, and whether you are one person, ten people, or five hundred people a range of presentations are available for your needs.
Talk: a short and lightweight introduction to innovation and its management for people who might be learning about innovation for the first time - for small or large groups ranging from private meetings, to public networking meetings and large events.
Seminar: a presentation of the fundamentals of innovative behaviour and the relationships between them, which provides a foundation for the development of a strategic perspective - for groups, conferences and in-house events.
Workshop: an active event which includes the fundamentals of the seminar and puts them into practice by incorporating activities during which participants develop an understanding of their situation and formulate the innovative aspects of their strategy - for dedicated groups with common objectives.
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